Women Only Fitness Bootcamp

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Interested in a WOMEN only fitness boot camp that will help you melt away insane amounts of fat, supercharge your metabolism, and give you that toned look you’ve always wanted?

Well, finally… there IS a boot camp designed specifically for women just like you….AND it’s beginner friendly!

Here are Just a few of the benefits of the Daddis Women only Bootcamp

    • Your cardio and metabolism will go through the roof
    • Heavy emphasis on the 3 A’s…. Abs, Arms and A**
    • Build sleek muscle tone, without building bulky muscles
    • Almost instant weight loss and improved appearance
    • More energy for your work and private life
    • Core, Core, Core….develop a rock solid core
    • Surround yourself with a positive, hardworking group of new friends (we are a family! This is not your local LA Fitness)
    • Personal guidance from a team of fitness coaches
    • Dietary and nutritional information and knowledge to last a lifetime.
    • Developing unshakable confidence and self-image
    • Being part of the #1 team in the area!!!
    • A fun and healthy hobby ; physically, mentally and emotionally
    • Relieve stress while releasing the “feel good, happy” endorphins throughout your body
    • You’ll take a “mini” vacation every workout
    • And the list goes on and on and on


      Women Only Firness Bootcamp Philadelphia Cherry Hill

      Hi everyone, we are EXTREMELY excited to talk to you about our Women’s Only Fitness Boot Camp! There is NOTHING like this in the NJ or PA region!

      What’s it all about? It’s about dynamic and fun group fitness workouts where women can achieve the fitness results they want alongside other like-minded women who often need a little bit of motivation and who also have the same fitness goals. And WE SUPPLY THE MOTIVATION! All you have to do is turn that procrastination into enough motivation to simply put your e-mail in the box so that we can send you your free first fitness tip along with our special invitation to one of our boot camp courses.Daddis Womens Only Fitness Bootcamp Philadelphia PA Cherry Hill NJ


      The best way to describe this course in a nutshell would be to try to envision a Women’s Boot Camp that meets P90X, Crossfit, Kettlebell training, Martial Arts Conditioning and Power Yoga all rolled up into one no nonsense workout! And, all done in a high energy, exciting environment.

      But, please don’t forget that this course is for EVERYONE…the fit, the unfit, the couch potato, you name it. Have an injury? Not a problem. Our skilled staff can modify each exercise as to not aggravate any current injuries you may have.

      Daddis Women Only Fitness Bootcamp

      Listen ladies, not only is this a no B.S course that will get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in, the best part is that these workouts don’t require a tremendous amount of your time. You’ll workout 3 times a week for 45 minutes per session! That’s nothing! You have no excuses ladies. Certainly you can squeeze that into your schedule. The curriculum is highly structured to hit EVERY body part in a scientific manner. We train smart!

      Fact: Women are motivated when they workout TOGETHER in a high energy, supercharged atmosphere and therefore achieve better results!

      The workouts along with the nutrition program we are going to set up for you will be so effective, you’ll want to kick yourself for not starting sooner. Remember, if you are out of shape it’s NOT a problem. Let us take care of that.

      Some of you may know us as a Mixed Martial Arts Academy alone…and, while it’s true that Daddis MMA produces champion fighters, but we also produce some of the most fit People in the Philly region! This IS NOT a martial arts class. While some of the exercises may be similar, that is for a reason…Mixed Martial Arts fighters are in the best shape on the planet! They have to be or they wouldn’t be successful inside the ring or cage. So, there is a reason we take some of those exercises and bring them into our boot camp…they work!

      Let’s face it ladies…sometimes we need guidance and need to be told what to do to get the results we want. That’s just a natural part of being human. Everything is set up for you and YOU will be set up for success. All we need you to do is get your butt in here and let’s do this!

      Sick and tired of the boring treadmill that you can never stay consistent with because it’s so boring?

      Women Only Fitness Bootcamp Philadelphia PA Cherry Hill NJ

      Coach Danika Johnston after a killer workout!

      Here’s what other women have to say about our programs!

      Rave Review: “I wasn’t sure if I would like a boot camp and was concerned I wouldn’t be in good enough shape to get started. I didn’t realized that THEY were the ones who were goingto get me in the shape I wanted to be in. I was a little intimidated about an “insane” workout, but I WAS DEAD WRONG! Each exercise is modified to meet each persons individual fitness level and my hand was held by the instructors who knew exactly where I was at and knew exactly what my fitness goals were after our initial cosultation. This is the best thing I could have ever done for myself! Oh, and now that I hear Daddis Martial Arts is going to be holding the same boot camps at their Hamilton and Cherry Hill, NJ locations, I am even more excited! I live in New jersey!!! Yes!”
      Gina Degrazzio, age 36,

      Women Fitness Bootcamp Philadelphia PA Cherry Hill PA



      Rave Review: “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time and I am meeting some great friends while we are at it. I FEEL LIKE THERE IS A BLOW TORCH ON MY BELLY…that’s how quickly I am toning up. I just can’t believe the speed in which I am getting ripped! I’m having a blast and getting the results I wanted and then some! When I heard about these “insane workouts”, I have to admit I was apprehensive. After all, I was out of shape! But, I didn’t realize the program was structured for everyone’s individual body type, age and fitness level. If you live in the Philadelphia area, stop procrastinating like I was and get your but in here!”

      Jenn O’Connell, Age 24

      Women's Only fitness bootcamp Philadelphia PA Cherry Hill NJ


      Become “beach ready” before the beach is even ready for you!

      Women Fitness Bootcamp Cherry Hill NJ Philadelphia PA

      Sorry if I’m being too bold… but I get frustrated thinking about all of my Bootcamp ladies who used to be stuck in the pit of hopelessness and despair that diets and gyms can create for women desperately trying to lose weight.  Trust me… the typical gym with it’s boredom, lack of direction in nutrition and stale workouts is what derails 95% of all females from being consistent!

      Fitness in the Philadelphia region is being turned upside down! We are shaking things up ladies!

      So, I will leave you with this, below is another opt in box where you can give us your e-mail so that we can help get the ball rolling for you. If you don’t opt in, you will continue to get the same fitness results you’ve gotten and you’ll miss the boat. If you DO opt in, get ready for the ride of your life! We are excited to meet you and to help you reach your fitness goals!

      OK, enough talking by me and ENOUGH PROCRASTINATING by you (if you haven’t already opted in for our free gifts!) Try something new and call us NOW at 215-467-1008

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